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Ινδικά μπαχαρικά, μιά αναδρομή
Spices have been an essential part of human civilisation. In the Indian civilisation too, trading of spices has been integrally connected to its history.
Εργοστάσιο επεξεργασίας μπαχαρικών
SPICES Processing factory, Spices whole processing, Spices ground factory, Pepper exporters, turmeric processing, ginger processing, chillies processing, cof...
Tettix SA, Εισαγωγές Μπαχαρικά
Παρουσίαση της εταιρίας Tettix A.E.B.E.
Ινδικό Συσκευαστήριο Μπαχαρικών
Skiz Fernando goes behind the scenes at the McCurrie Spice Factory in Sri Lanka to show you how spices are processed.
Πιπέρι Μαύρο ,Συγκομιδή 2011
We grow tradition black pepper in beautiful Batangas Philippines. We had a great harvest in 2011 and we want to thank everyone. This video show our tradition...
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